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Tuesday, July 23rd 2024

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Who Should We Book Our South African Safari With in August?


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Hubby and I would like to go to South Africa on Safari in august (kruger national park, Cape Town, etc.). Any ideas for who to book with? (hoping to safari for about 5 days but be there for 7-8 days all together!) Open to suggestions and recommendations! Budget is 3500-4500 for safari

Humans say...

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Twiga Tours - have personally used them and they are amazing.
Twiga Tour

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we recently met a South African man at an Outdoor show on Vancouver Island who organizes customized tours, either escorted or independent for a wide variety of budgets. He seemed very knowledgeable
His website is
Stephan Olivier Photography&Tours

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Dream Travel with Holly - You dream it I make it happen She is an amazing travel agent who has planned some amazing African safaris.... I highly recommend!

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G Adventures

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For Kruger, you can easily rent a car and book accommodation in the park for your own self drive safari simlar to our National Parks in Canada. Most accommodations in the park also have ranger led safaris once or twice a day that you can join.

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We used Safari Partners (BC based)...had complicated itinerary and couldn't have been happier

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I just got back from a trip to Tanzania that we booked through Safari Partners. We were also extremely happy with them. They were very helpful.

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We booked with Elephant Plains (the lodge name) and they were amazing! We also booked Tusk Photos and they had a photographer with us so if you are a photo geek that may work for you too.

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Check out “ Goahead “ tours

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We went about 10 years ago and booked everything ourselves. Kruger accommodations through South Africa National Parks and the rest through expedia mainly (accommodations and car rental), in country flights with South Africa Airlines. We spent a week at Kruger, a week around Port Elizabeth and another week driving along the coast and spending a few days in Cape Town. Lots of tips from the South Africans I work with and had no issues getting around at that time. A lot depends on what you're comfortable with.

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I also vote for
Twiga Travels

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G Adventures

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Check out Approach Tours for the full package deal!

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My brother is tour guide specialist for Africa with Great Canadian Travel. He takes groups every year. He’d be happy to talk with you. I’ve had 3 amazing trips with him so far! [email protected]

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Jennifer Bott

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Excellent experience and Andrew is an amazing guide!!
Check out his awesome posts!
Nguni Africa Safaris

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Rent a 4x4 vehicle and drive to a private reserve on the west side of Kruger. Then drive yourself in Kruger. Make sure you get a Kruger map and guide book and read up (watch videos) on elephant behaviour. Book Kruger accommodations on SanParks.

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Parm Sihota

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Gordon Rush

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I use go ahead
EF Go Ahead Tours. I love the company

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check out Aquila Safari Cape Town. I did a day trip tour but i believe they also have overnight cabins on the reserve as well.
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A.I. says...

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South Africa Safari Recommendations

Planning a safari in South Africa is an exciting adventure, and August is a great time to visit Kruger National Park and Cape Town. Here are some suggestions for tour operators that can help you plan your trip within your budget of $3,500-$4,500:

5-Day Safari Options

  • African Budget Safaris: Offers a 5-day Kruger National Park safari from $1,500 per person, including accommodation, meals, and game drives.
  • Go2Africa: Provides a 5-day Kruger National Park safari from $2,000 per person, including luxury accommodation, meals, and guided game drives.
  • Safari.com: Features a 5-day Kruger National Park safari from $2,500 per person, including accommodation at a private reserve, meals, and game drives.

7-8 Day Safari and Cape Town Packages

  • Intrepid Travel: Offers an 8-day Cape Town and Kruger National Park safari from $3,500 per person, including flights, accommodation, meals, game drives, and sightseeing.
  • Exodus Travels: Provides a 7-day Cape Town and Kruger National Park safari from $4,000 per person, including flights, accommodation, meals, game drives, and cultural experiences.
  • Wild Frontiers: Features a 7-day Cape Town and Kruger National Park safari from $4,500 per person, including flights, accommodation at luxury lodges, meals, game drives, and a day trip to Cape Point.

Tips for Choosing a Tour Operator

  1. Read reviews from past customers to check their reputation.
  2. Compare itineraries and prices from different operators to find the best value for your money.
  3. Consider the type of accommodation and meals that are included in the package.
  4. Research the wildlife viewing opportunities in Kruger National Park during August.

With these recommendations and tips, you can plan an unforgettable safari in South Africa that fits your budget and preferences. Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural experiences that await you.


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