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Tuesday, July 23rd 2024

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Best Options for International Medical Insurance for Healthy 70-Year-Olds?


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International Medical Insurance?? Can anyone suggest options? I'm travelling to South Asia for 5 months. I'm a healthy 70 yr old. I got quoted $4,000 from BCAA and over $2,000 by an online travel insurance company. My 58 year old friend only pays BCCA about $400 for the year...and he had cancer. Any suggestions of a company or particular tips in this area? Thanks!

Humans say...

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Try RBC. We found they were the most economical for my parents who are 70+.

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The issue is the length of time you’ll be gone. My husband’s annual policy is under $400 but only for up to 30 days out of the country at a time. He’s with BCAA.

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We found over 65 years old pay more. Check with your credit card provider. Mastercard was great for us.

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Lee Just found out that when you're 65 or older, all credit cards only cover your medical coverage for the first 4 consecutive days

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Try A La Carte Travel Insurance...in BC- 1-888-694-6666 been using them for years excellent prices&coverage

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Check out how much it would cost to be hospitalized in SE Asia countries. Relatively inexpensive, and perhaps worth it to not be insured. If travelling to the US, forget it! Do your homework on things like Dengue fever, malaria etc and be informed. Do not engage in drunk driving, risky behaviour etc., which I find we "elders" (over 70) probably won't. We carry a line of credit Visa for any unforeseen circumstance. We've travelled to SE Asia many many times and have never run into any health issues due to travelling there. We refuse to let insurance get in the way of travel, especially while we are both still healthy.

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Marilyn last year my husband ate something that had bacteria in it. This is what we think. Within four days he became septic and he needed to be hospitalized and put an ICU for 3 and 1/2 weeks. He had so many x-rays and two CT scans in a private room. He had his own car aid and this was a teaching hospital so it was private. Had the best care possible and the total cost was $4,000 Canadian for everything for his care. His food he had RT coming in to move him to give him special massages on his back and chest to keep his lungs or to at least try to keep his lungs clean. Tests everyday you can barely get admitted into an ICU bed here in Canada for 4,000 a night

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Cindy which country was this please?

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Frank sorry that I forgot to mention it was in danang City, Vietnam

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Cindy that's amazing. Love Danang and Vietnam. Incredible place and as you experienced, great value.

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Another lady friend 2 months ago fell broke her hip. She's 74. She had to have a total hip replacement and spend a week in the hospital and then lots of follow-up and it was $6,000 American. So again a very good price

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I agree....I live in SE Asia.....I had to see a doc at a clinic last week....a consult $6, blood work and Ultrasound $25, and 3 kinds of pills $8....Total cost$39.
The medical facilities are tourist approved in the bigger places.

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Peter well in Vietnam at a private teaching hospital a CT scan was 280 so I don't know what country you got it for. 25 but in Canada a CT scan if he had to pay for it would be at least $3,000. So I think 280 is a very very good price

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Cindy ...My mistake, I corrected it...I had an ultrasound. The medical clinic I went to is in Vung Tau, Vietnam. I was given a copy of the scan.

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We use Medoc. It's Johnson and Johnson.
We're 70 and 74. Hubby has COPD.
They just quoted us $1060 for both of us, but only for 9 mos because you have to renew every year Aug 1st.
You need to be a member of something to apply. So if you're not an ex teacher or gov't employee, you can pay $35 a year to join BC Historial Federation. We chose 30 days each travel time but you can choose 15 and it's cheaper. We are taking 3 trips between now and July 31st, all 30 days each.

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I just got a quote from London Drugs, which is tugo insurance, it was $700, for the year, and you can be out of the country for 30 days at a time.

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First option should be to your personal insurance company. If that isn’t going to work, then go to outside options.

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Your quotes are going to be high when you’re looking for out of country medical insurance for a 5 month period. The lower quotes are for people choosing 15-30 days at a time. Also, no matter how healthy you are, over 65 the rates are a lot higher. $2000 is actually a decent quote for that length of time.

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My parents use medipac when they go south for 6 months

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Nomad travel just quoted me $1000 for 6months....

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Pacific Blue Cross

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I found the lowest quote for my last travel was TD Insurance.

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I travelled for almost two years using https://safetywing.com/nomad-insurance/
SafetyWing - Insurance for Nomads, by Nomads

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Jackelyn they don't have an age category for those 70 years old and up!

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manulife and Allianz

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Vivian Allianz suck if you have an issue. ( not medical I admit) I am still fighting them 8 months later. Blue cross however came thru with stars when an error was made, they even pulled the phone records to find they had made the mistake.

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Anne it’s unfortunate they all seem to work against those who actually use the benefit. I understand BCAA one of the worse for paying out. Brutal.

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Try costco travel insurance through manulife. It was the best deal we could find recently after abandoning Blue Cross because it got too expensive

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Frank I think it's manulife travel insurance through Costco.

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I've done the research and Trawick was the best value that I found

Profile picture of Nancy


It’s a good price based on your 5 month travel and your ages. The time makes a huge difference to the premium and as soon as you hit 70 it’s more.

Profile picture of Dennis


Get insurance, don’t go without it. BCAA is my go to.

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Costco on line Im 73 I only pay 160 for 1 year

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Buy an annual policy with 183 days max out of country coverage.

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Blue Cross had not only the best price but the best coverage (particularly concerning Covid) for seniors even considering cancer and high blood pressure.

Profile picture of George


THANK YOU EVERYONE! I now need to spend a day to get on my computer/phone to follow up with all this amazing feedback. I hope it help others as well.

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SoNomad was the best for us last year at 69

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From what I’ve heard it jumps up after 70

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Can anyone recommend medical insurance for my 87 year old dad with a pre existing medical condition for travel to Florida for a week and a half??

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I would still buy insurance specially if you are away for 5 months.
SE Asia medical is cheaper
but they have different standards.
If you get sick in Singapore, they can be expansive too.
Get insurance at least for 200k coverage.
Good luck.

A.I. says...

AI Profile Pic

International Medical Insurance Options

Traveling to South Asia for 5 months? Here are some tips on finding affordable international medical insurance.

Tips for Finding Affordable International Medical Insurance

  • Shop around. Get quotes from multiple insurance companies.
  • Consider your age and health. Older travelers and those with pre-existing conditions may pay more for insurance.
  • Look for discounts. Many insurance companies offer discounts for multiple policies or for travel insurance purchased in advance.
  • Read the policy carefully. Make sure you understand what is covered and what is not.

Recommended Insurance Companies

Here are a few insurance companies that offer affordable international medical insurance:

  • Seven Corners
  • IMG
  • World Nomads
  • Allianz


Finding affordable international medical insurance can be a challenge, but it is worth it to protect yourself in case of a medical emergency. By following these tips, you can find a policy that meets your needs and budget.

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