Wednesday, October 20th 2021

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from airports that start with Y."

Flair Air is offering $2 base fares (real prices, about $70 one way)

Flair Air is offering $2 base fares on certain routes, including for summer travel.

Here are the real prices, after taxes and fees, and after adding the cost of carry-on luggage ($30 one way), for a more accurate comparison against WestJet and Air Canada's prices...

One way flights from...

Abbotsford to Edmonton - $40
Victoria to Edmonton - $55
Prince George to Edmonton - $65
Prince George to Vancouver - $65
Hamilton to Winnipeg - $68
Calgary to Kelowna - $71
Calgary to Winnipeg - $71

A $2 base fare may sound exciting for marketing purposes, but in reality, most of these prices are actually fairly close to the prices Flair Air has been offering in the past few days, when they were offering flights for $49 each way (after all taxes and fees).

What they've really done is lowered the base fare going in one direction, and raised the price of the base fares coming home.

The end result is that a roundtrip flight with a carry-on bag from Victoria to Edmonton (or vice versa) still works out to $167 roundtrip, which is about the same price they were offering yesterday, when the total price was $49 each way.

Availability for travel

late June, July, August, September, first week of October 2018

How to find and book this deal

1. Go to the Flair Air website

2. Search for a flight on one of the routes listed above.

screenshot from the Flair Air website

Swoop is also offering $8 fares from Abbotsford to Edmonton, including taxes and fees

1. Go to the Swoop website

2. Search for a flight from Abbotsford (YXX) to Edmonton (YEG)

screenshot from the Swoop website

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