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Which European tour companies offer kid-friendly trips in France, Spain, and Italy?


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Looking for tour companies in Europe that have suitable trips for young kids. Ideally France / Spain / Italy

Humans say...

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What type of trips/tours? Places like Italy (especially) france and Spain are very family oriented.

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A tour company with organized transportation etc. I’ve done the back packing, driving my own but hoping for less work for myself but good for kids with a tour company

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Heather maybe contact a travel agent in Europe as opposed to here as they'll be much cheaper. We like Cassidy travel in Dublin. We've used them for our Europe trips when we lived at home (Ireland) without kids at the time but I would if I were at home. Maybe they can reccomend an operator. I know there are a lot of uk companies too that are reasonably priced can't think of them off the top of my head.

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I've travelled with a local Richmond company, Adventures Abroad, for numerous trips on various continents. I don't know much about their "Family Friendly Tours", but they do advertise such. You could check them out to see if they offer such for the places you wish to go. https://www.adventures-abroad.com/trip-styles

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I would book with a Canadian tour company as majority of the clients will be Canadian. If u book with a French company or Spanish company, most of the clientele will be from those countries

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check out responsibletravel.com - select 'family' and the 'Europe' - they'll have great options...
Responsible Travel & Responsible Tourism. Helping Dreamers Do

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Tour Companies in Europe for Young Kids

If you are looking for tour companies in Europe that offer suitable trips for young kids, you're in luck! There are several companies that specialize in family-friendly tours in countries like France, Spain, and Italy.


One of the top tour companies for families with young kids in France is Adventures by Disney. They offer guided tours that are specifically designed for families, with activities and accommodations that cater to children of all ages. Another great option is Thomson Family Adventures, which offers family tours in France that include kid-friendly activities like scavenger hunts and cooking classes.


In Spain, Trafalgar Tours is a popular choice for families with young kids. They offer guided tours that are suitable for children and include activities like visits to theme parks and interactive museums. Another great option is Intrepid Travel, which offers family tours in Spain that are designed to be fun and educational for kids.


For families looking to explore Italy with young kids, consider booking a tour with Rick Steves' Europe. They offer family-friendly tours that include hands-on activities and engaging experiences for children. Another great option is Tauck Bridges, which offers family tours in Italy that are specifically designed for families with young kids.

Overall, there are plenty of tour companies in Europe that cater to families with young kids. Whether you're looking to explore the historic sites of France, the vibrant culture of Spain, or the delicious cuisine of Italy, there are tours available that are suitable for children of all ages.

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